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Episode 2: Crafting Beer

For some of us beer is more than a drink, it's a craft. I sought out to explore the craft along with Larry Lane, Owner of Double Barely Brewing in Smithfield, NC, and Josh Noxon, a good friend, hobby brewer and fellow Marine Combat Engineer.

Larry takes us through the genesis of Double Barely Brewing, his days as a home hobby brewer, recipe inspirations and the crucial beer naming process. With the help of his wife Cheryl, Double Barely Brewing continues to grow and find success through admires of the craft. 
Josh joins us a little later in the show. He'll discuss the reason behind his initial involvement with brewing beer, which he affectionately named Castle Brew, recipe creation and this one time with root beer...
Both Larry and Josh will offer advice for the guy or gal interested in getting started in hobby brewing and Larry will share additional advice for those thinking about starting their own commercial brewery.
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Episode 1: Moonshine

Greetings. It took a little longer than anticipated, but the first episode of Make it a Double! is here! 

For this episode it was important for me to meet with and discuss moonshine with authentic folks who have a real passion for carrying on this great American tradition. We'll here from Jeremy Norris, Owner and Distiller of Broadslab Distilleries in Benson, NC. Jeremy's family has been distilling their own spirits since the mid 1800s. It's a true legacy. In 2010 he opened Broadslab Distilleries following in the same traditions taught by his grandfather. Jeremy shares stories about his grandfather during prohibition and having to leave town for nearly 20 years to escape going to prison. He also talks about his days as a boy and being self taught how to make wine and make a little money in the process. But, most importantly he talks about the family tradition of farming and how moonshine is really a product of agriculture. Jeremy grows the very same corn he uses to make his whiskey. He controls every step of the process from "dirt to bottle".
Rick Morris also joins us on the the show. Rick is the President of the Hobby Distiller's Association (HDA) located in Keller, TX. The HDA was founded by Brewhaus to enhance the enjoyment of hobby distilling and to further legalization efforts of alcohol distillation on a hobby level. Rick clears up some of the legality surrounding buying and owning home distillation equipment and we share thoughts on crafting finely distilled spirits as a hobby. This is a great organization which seeks to change federal laws to allow hobby distillers the same rights as hobby brewers and wine makers. Check them out and show support for home distilling, the basic membership is free.
We also meet "Chuck", our modern day moonshiner from California. He'll talk through his thoughts on hobby distilling and why he takes the risk, since it is still illegal.  
 This is the first time I've ever attempted anything like this, I hope you guys enjoy it! 
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